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Kelli Hayden started playing with cameras at age 10, fell in love with the darkroom process at 15, and began shooting professionally at 18. Not one to ever take “no” for an answer, she began to build her love of photographing live music by sneaking her camera into venues and secure a spot close enough to the stage to shoot her favorite bands. One evening in 2007, she boldly snuck in a 70-200mm lens to a Queens of the Stone Age concert and captured shots that gained her the attention and opportunities she had been waiting for. Today, she continues to cover some of Southern California’s biggest shows and festivals. Kelli connects with music by photographing it. To her, there is nothing better than capturing a feeling in a photograph, especially that of live music.

Kelli Hayden has been photographing live concerts and events for over a decade. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


Please email Monica Gregg for Concert print purchases or image usage.

For all other inquiries, contact Kelli directly:


t: 323-790-4729