Kelli & Adrian World Tour 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, we can't help but reflect back on our year and review it. It definitely wasn't a good year, despite all the great things that did happen. There are also some remnants of the year before lurking around as well. To put it simply, 2014 and 2015 were difficult, life-altering years for us both and they can absolutely kiss my ass. We're a very strong couple after surviving everything we've gone through together recently. We aren't married, but after going through everything we have gone through and coming out together a stronger couple than before, I'd say we're ready for a new chapter in our lives.

Usually this means a couple gets engaged, gets a new dog, gets pregnant, etc. Not us, not today anyway. Instead, we just booked a flight to PARIS, y'all! When we first we got together, we quickly became that couple who lived in a comfortable house, had boring steady-income adult jobs, started talking about marrying one day, had two dogs who were tended-to and loved like spoiled children, never took time off work to go on a real vacation, spent only two days a week together and worked the rest, blah blah blah. We were on the fast track to becoming a typical boring American family if we weren't safe. I had even put my photography on the back burner and everyday annoyingly asked myself, "Who am I?!" Things were starting to feel very stale, very fast. I had to explain that at some point, I plan on traveling and reaching a ton of goals before I turn 30 and if I want those, I have to act now. A few years ago, that felt impossible but as would our "luck" would have it, we've been hurdled and propelled into such significant changes where we found ourselves meeting our goals quicker than we had  originally planned, which is ultimately quite fine by us. My list, both mental and tangible, consists of some things materialistic, but most of it soul-enhancing (aka: adventure, experiences, and travel). A few years ago I realized how fortunate I was that I had reached almost all of those goals so quickly. I lived in a house on Melrose (always wanted to live there) with my awesome boyfriend who I'm pretty sure I'm going to marry because he's my best friend and he puts up with my shit and at the end of the day, still thinks I'm really cool. I drive a nice car, recently left a job that I ultimately didn't need, am now running my own business, getting better at things I wanted to improve on, building relationships I wanted to build, going places I wanted to see, etc. and now, we're able to minimize all unnecessary belongings so that we can downsize and save money to travel more often. As I turn 30 later this year, I'll be excited to finally cross international travel off my bucket list. And I know it's just the beginning of it. Be still, my beating heart. Be still.

 This trip is SO deserved and overdue. We're treating ourselves and nourishing a part of our souls that have been longing for this for some time now. I'm going for several reasons. I've seen Paris in my dreams many times and have had a particular reoccurring dream where I walk the streets of Paris with an old 35mm Leica and take B&W photos of the street life and the architecture, just like Eugéne Atget did before the modernization in the late 1880's. I remember learning about him in a History of Photography class in college and I was so inspired to do that one day but never actively pursued it until now, or at least until I started having those dreams. After the first dream I had, I went out and purchased a 35mm Leica camera and 50mm 2.8 lens. I knew if I at least began to attempt to make this dream come true, the rest would eventually manifest. 

I'm over the moon I get to walk the streets of Paris and other cities around Europe with my best friend whilst making a dream of mine come true. Life is weird. You can have everything you want, it may just take place in a different form than you originally pictured, one that is more suitable for you.

Oh yeah and we're also going to catch our buddies, the Eagles of Death Metal, as they continue their tour over there as well. This is going to be an amazing trip and I'm already way too excited for it.