Analog Photography

It's how I began photography - the traditional way. It will always be special to me. We've become so immersed in this digital age and consumed with instant gratification. While there is still a ton to learn and know about the digital medium, it can be seen as cheating in a way. With film, there is no room for fuck-ups. It doesn't forgive or try to be something it's not.

I recently did an all-film shoot with 35mm and some Polaroids (ie: Impossible), mixed with some digital snaps. We went for a Vice Magazine mood - non-perfection, all-flaws, dirt & dust. The shoot itself was badass and it made me fall right back in love with all-manual, hand-winding, exposure-calculating film. I don't have access to a darkroom at the moment, so the chemical smell on my hands is still nostalgic and yearned for, but the romantic process is still fulfilled with anticipation rising as I wait a few days to pickup my negatives and scans. I'm thinking an in-home darkroom is a must at some point.